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The NUTM Scholars Program (NSP) is now the NUTM MBA program. This dynamic program is the natural evolution of our highly successful NUTM Scholars Program (NSP), taking its best elements and expanding them for working professionals.

The NUTM MBA program offers a unique interdisciplinary focus on technology, entrepreneurship, design, management, and leadership. Combined with world-class faculty, experiential learning, and an emphasis on Africa-centric solutions, this program prepares graduates to navigate complex challenges, drive innovation, and make a significant impact across the continent

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“Africa's greatest opportunity and its greatest challenge are its youthful population. NUTM is uniquely positioned to harness that population into a powerhouse of STEM talent for Africa and the world.“

Dr. Omobola Johnson

Dean, NUTM Scholars Program


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NUTM Campus, 6 Freetown Road, Apapa, Lagos, Nigeria


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